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What Are The Communal Issues That Need To Be Reported To Block Management

The Communal Issues That Need To Be Reported To Your Block Management

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your property. 

If your residential rental is part of a building, block, or enclosure, you will have a block management team there that is tasked to take care of the area. Block management is tasked with ensuring that these areas are well-maintained so that all tenants can enjoy a comfortable living environment. 

However, block management cannot do this without the help of its tenants. Technically, you don’t have to be responsible for the communal areas, but good grace and courtesy are always key in maintaining great relationships with your neighbours and with those whom you live with. If you see any communal issues that need to be addressed, be a good neighbour and report them to your block management team as soon as possible.

What Are Examples Of Communal Issues That Need To Be Reported? 

Some examples of communal issues that need to be reported may include but are not limited to:

  1. Graffiti or other forms of vandalism, and/or destruction of communal property.

  1. Damage to communal areas such as stairwells or hallways

  1. Litter or rubbish in communal areas

  1. Maintenance issues with communal facilities, such as (but not limited to): 

    1. Broken lifts

    2. Clogged drains 

    3. Burnt-out streetlights 

  1. Unauthorized use of communal areas for commercial purposes

  1. Safety hazards like: 

    1. Exposed electrical wiring 

    2. A loose railing 

    3. A broken step 

    4. Ice or snow accumulation 

  1. Breach of tenancy agreements concerning noise or nuisance complaints, or disruptive behavior, like: 

    1. Loitering

    2. Public intoxication

If you come across any of these problems, please do not hesitate to contact your block management team so that they can take appropriate action. 

What’s The Best Way To Contact Your Block Management?

The best way to contact block management is by calling the office during business hours. You can also send an email or fill out a form on the website, but these methods are not as effective because they can take longer for someone to see and respond to. 

When you call, be sure to have all the relevant information ready so the person you speak with can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Block Management: Your First Point Of Contact For Problems In Communal Areas

Block management is responsible for the upkeep of communal areas and shared amenities, so they should be your first point of contact when there is a problem.

Remember, it is only through the cooperation of all tenants that we can maintain a safe and clean living environment for everyone. So be a good neighbour, and help your fellow tenants and the block management staff with maintaining a clean and safe living environment for everyone.


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