Complaints Procedure

We love what we do and we do it well, sometimes things don't work out like they should or things happen that are outside of our control. You're our most valuable asset and so we are always keen to sort out whatever we can in the quickest possible time.  We are also happy to take feedback, if you get things wrong (which we do on occasion, we are human after all) we're happy to admit it, learn from it and move on. 

So before things get too frustrating or heated and emotions and ego get involved, let's have a good old chat. Pop us an email and we'll be happy to sort things out. 

If not, then here's the Complaints Procedure for the group. 


Contact the person you are dealing with via either email, phone  or the form below and tell them that you would like to raise a complaint.  

They are empowered to try and sort all complaints out on the spot or if not on the spot they will provide an email confirmation of your conversation with the details of your conversation and complaint.  

They will then arrange an update a maximum of 3 days unless we have a definite next step that is agreed with you. This person will take the lead in solving your complaint.

If this initial receiver does not solve your complaint or the initial receiver feels they are not able to resolve your complaint then they will escalate it to their Line Manager. The Line Manager will review your complaint and any evidence that may have been provided and make a decision. 

If you do not agree to this decision, then the complaint will finally be escalated to Senior Management who will make a decision. This decision is final and should you not agree with this decision then your options are either Ombudsman or Legal Action.

(Please note that legal action can be expensive and time consuming and should you initiate legal action the Ombudsman will not hear your case. The Ombudsman route is much quicker and cheaper and it is suggested in all case where the company has been unable to satisfy your complaint. 

As a professional firm who are ARLA and NAEA we are members of one of the two schemes that the Governments. The contact details of the Ombudsman are:

Property Redress Scheme
Simply go here and follow the steps to raise a complaint.

A note about Online reviews.
We encourage all our landlords and tenants to leave review on our performance, however we will also follow up any statements that we feel are untrue, misleading, defamatory in nature.

Finally, as we said before, we love what we do, we want to do it well and we are very reasonable people so let's try and sort out any problems before they get to stage 2 or 3 or mean you have to go online. 

Landlord Complaint Registration