Effortlessly Switch your UK Property
to Ezytrac with EzySwitch

In 6 steps we will effortlessly manage the transition of all your properties to a better place.  Whether you are a Landlord, who has just bought a new investment property, or your properties are under management by another company, creating an Effortless Portfolio is just 6 Ezy steps away.


Have a chat with one of our Senior Dedicated Property Manager’s about the properties you own, how they’re currently managed and what we do differently. Our Senior Dedicated Property Managers have years of experience in managing property all over the UK.


Our relationships with solicitors are second to none, the red-tape that you might fear won’t be an issue. From initial acquisition and purchase, through to on-going issues with the portfolio and tenants, we have the solution.


All of your properties accounts will be transitioned and managed under our roof. We will work with the previous landlord to get all the details we need, and your tenant won’t be disrupted at all.

Bill Payment

Our in-house Utilities Department will handle any transfers of bills, and make sure that all the bills in relation to your properties are up to date before the move over takes place.


Whether a new tenancy agreement is being issued for your property, or it is currently tenanted, Your Dedicated Senior Property Manager will make sure that your property is in the condition that you expect.


Our Dedicated Senior Property Managers have refined the process to be a fine art. The transition of your property will happen behind the scenes, you will experience expert service in just one point of call.

One person will co-ordinate everything.

We make it as simple as one form and one Senior Dedicated Manager who will oversee the entire process.

You don't have to deal with the old agency.

With a single form we will handle it all for you, so no making things difficult or 'guilt trips' just a clean break to effortless. 

Switching is as easy as one simple form.

Chat to the
Onboarding Team Today!

Let us effortlessly switch your property and portfolio to our Set & Forget Service. All you need to do is pick the perfect tier for you. Enter your details and we'll return your call or simply call +44 (0)1522 503 710