Tenant Early Termination Request

Your tenancy agreement can be ended in a number of ways. 

1. Coming to a natural end in the case of a fixed term contract - This would not apply to our Tenancy Agreements because they roll into a month to month periodic tenancy.

2. Appropriate Notice given by either party - Usually 1 months notice by Tenant and 2 months by Landlord.

3. Frustration of the contract - this would only happen if say the property had a fire or was in an uninhabitable state.

4. Mutual Agreement - In this case, both parties would agree based on a set terms.

Should you wish to terminate the contract early you would need to continue to pay the rent until such time as the tenancy is replaced or the fixed term would have come to an end.  In addition you would need to pay the costs of finding a new tenant this would normally include paying the unexpired term of the Tenant Find fee, Referencing and Application costs as well as the Check Out Inventory of the tenancy.   



    The following does not constitute a variation of the Tenancy Agreement, you are still required to make payments and adhere to the terms of the agreement until such time as both parties have agreed and signed an agreement.

    This will usually be once a new tenancy to replace the old tenancy is completed.

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